Bring precision to your vision.

From idea to product - we know how to get there.

Benefit from our broad experience in design and optimization of technological devices and machines – we work in compliance with the highest industry standards and all applicable legal requirements, using modern technologies.

Comprehensive support in design and development.

We help you achieve success on all stages of product development: from feasibility and cost estimate, through product design and prototyping, to planning of the manufacturing process - whether you are launching a new product or improving existing solutions.

Develop products. Without a dedicated R&D department.

Thanks to our unique subscription model, you can receive comprehensive engineering support in a convenient pricing plan. Tailored exactly to your needs.


Verel Engineering is a company specializing in design and optimization of machines, technological equipment and consumer products. Our unique cooperation modellets you optimize your market entry costs and deliver high-quality products without investing in a dedicated R&D department. 

You can count on our expertise on all stages of product development, from idea to a finished product ready to win a new market. Our business model enables you to receive support exactly when dealing with specific challenges, without the need to employ full time R&D personnel. You can depend on our professional support and full transparency on every stage.

Our services:

Our design work is based on the principles of Lean Design and DFX (Design for Excellence), including the DFMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) approach.

Prior to establishing Verel Engineering, I worked as an engineer / maintenance manager deputy in several companies, as well as freelance engineer. I have many years worth of commercial experience in designing products and machines for multiple industries, including energy, manufacturing and metalworking. I have delivered projects for the Polish, US and British markets, working in the field of CAD design, technology development, feasibility study, ensuring compliance with regional / legal requirements. I hold MSc Eng from Politechnika Łódzka and Coventry University.
At Verel Engineering, I offer comprehensive engineering services in a unique model of cooperation.

Piotr Januszkiewicz
Founder, Verel Engineering


Bringing your idea to life
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When you invent your product, you have a vision of functional features that will let you succeed on the market. This is the perfect moment for a thorough feasibility study and identification of potential risk factors. This will allow avoiding costly obstacles during the manufacture process and accelerate your market entry.

1) Ergonomics and functionality vs. technological constraints. Firstly, we suggest a cost-effective method of implementing your idea. We analyse all stages of the new product's life cycle and identify the risks at the very beginning of the process. We compare the requirements of your future users with technical limitations and in case of incompatibility, suggest optimal solutions or discuss and re-consider assumptions.

2) Legal requirements: compliance with national and European standards, as well as local legal regulations and patent considerations. Our engineering experience allows us to locate the necessary resources and documents quickly. We will lead you through the technical jargon or intricacies of the law.
From vision to reality: DESIGN
Time for action. Based on precisely defined assumptions, we proceed with calculations and design. Our proposed solutions are presented for your acceptance - we believe that close cooperation at each stage of the project has a positive impact on both the pace and quality of realization.

1) We begin with a general outline of the final product, with a detailed description of nodes and critical structural, kinematic, endurance-related and functional elements.

2) We recommend optimal manufacturing technology for your product. We adapt our projects accordingly if you wish to use an existing machine shop or have specific requirements concerning manufacture.

3) Some products require a prototype for real-life verification. We suggest the most adequate technology for building the prototype and assist in its manufacture. With the results of prototype tests, we evaluate the design and recommend potential structural changes.
From vision to reality: DESIGN
Comprehensive assistance: SUPPORT
Working with Verel, you receive engineering support throughout the entire process: up until the very moment your product enters mass production and starts conquering the market.

The target manufacture technology often differs from the technology used for the prototype. At times, this requires adapting files to specific manufacturing machines, modifying design drawings or constructing auxiliary production equipment. We consider technological aspects already at the initial stages of design, so adaptations at this stage are optional. If you face any challenges, you receive our comprehensive assistance across the entire product development cycle.
Comprehensive assistance: SUPPORT

Product optimisation

You can also count on our knowledge and experience when improving and optimizing existing products. Whether you need a revision or a full-fledged redesign, transparency and deep understanding of your needs are our priority.


Standard model

If you choose to cooperate in the standard model, we evaluate the project cost up-front based on the provided assumptions. The full package of agreed services is settled with a one-time payment.


We also offer a unique model of cooperation that allows you to fine-tune the scope of required work while maintaining cost efficiency. Thanks to attractive subscription options, you will receive access to continuous engineering support.

As if your company had its own engineer on board.

Or perhaps your engineering team needs additional support? In order to address all scenarios, we propose a flexible subscription model. Contact us today to select the best option.

Benefits of a subscription at VEREL ENGINEERING:
In the annual subscription
up to 50% in savings
In a 6-month subscription
up to 30% in savings
In a quarterly subscription
up to 20% in savings

You will know the cost of our services before we begin the project, which will allow you to determine your expenses precisely and plan the budget ahead.